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“吃醋”“炒鱿鱼”“吃鸭蛋” – What do they mean?

In Chinese, we can usually see some characters related food but has nothing to do with food in meanings. For example, 吃鸭蛋、炒鱿鱼、吃醋. Have you ever heard of these words? Do you know what they mean? In this article, I will explain these words to you, including their pronunciations and meanings.

1. 吃醋

Literally speaking, it means someone is drinking vinegar. But when we use it in daily life, we usually mean some is jealousy.

Pinyin: chī cù

meaning: jealousy

For example, you like a girl but she is together with the other boy. When you see them together, you might say that boy is not excellent enough and does not deserve her. In this condition, we will say “你吃醋了”, which means you are jealousy.

2. 炒鱿鱼

This word is related to work. It means “fired”. we usually add “被” before this word. 被 means “is” in English. For example, 我被炒鱿鱼了(means “I was fired”). That is to say, this word is used between the employee and the employer. When the employee is fired by the employer, we can use it to describe the situation of the employee.

Pinyin: chǎo yóu yú

meaning: fired

3. 吃鸭蛋

This word is usually used at school. When you got a zero in an exam, you can say “我在这次考试中吃了个鸭蛋(means “I got a zero in this exam)

Pinyin: chī yā dàn

meaning: get zero in an exam


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