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“夜猫子” “黑眼圈” and “熊猫眼”, What do they mean?

If you have Chinese friends or live in China, you must have heard of 夜猫子 and 熊猫眼。They are used a lot in the daily life of Chinese people. Do you know what they mean and when you can use them? If you are not sure, you can read this article to learn more information.

1. 夜猫子(yè māo zǐ)

In English, we can say “night owls“. It is used to describe someone who usually stays up late. For example:

Lily: When do you usually go to bed in the evening?

Chinese: 晚上你一般几点睡觉?

Pinyin: wǎn shàng nǐ yī bān jǐ diǎn shuì jiào?

Micheal: Hmm, I’m used to going to bed about 1 a.m. I love watching dramas.

Chinese: 我一般在凌晨一点睡觉,因为我喜欢看电视。

Pinyin: wǒ yī bān zài líng chén yī diǎn shuì jiào, yīn wéi wǒ xǐ huān kàn diàn shì jù.

Lily: oh, you are definitely a night owls.

Chinese: 你真是个夜猫子。

Pinyin: nǐ zhēn shì gè yè māo zǐ

2. 熊猫眼(xióng māo yǎn)

熊猫眼, which means panda eyes,  is a character related to 夜猫子(night owls). As we know, the eyes of panda are surrounded by the black fur. Look at the pic below.

When we stay up too late, we might wear xiongmao yan on the next day. Look at the pic below:)

The other words similar to 熊猫眼 is 黑眼圈(hēi yǎn quān). It is also frequently used in our daily life. They have the same meaning, but just in different description way.

3. 熬夜

熬夜 means stay up late. Its pinyin is “áo yè”. For example:

You should not stay up too late today, because you have an interview tomorrow morning.

Chinese: 你今天不宜熬夜,因为你明天上午有面试。

Pinyin: nǐ jīn tiān bù yí áo yè , yīn wèi nǐ mínɡ tiān shànɡ wǔ yǒu miàn shì 。

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