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3 Best Free App to Learn Mandarin

Are you looking for a native Chinese to practice your oral Chinese on Facebook but only get disappointed every time? Do you figure out that you can speak some Chinese but can’t even write any characters? In this article, I will introduce 3 applications to learn to speak and write Chinese online on your mobile phone.

To be honest, it is the best choice if you can find a native Chinese practicing Chinese with you each day. But due to their busy life and work, most of them can’t spare too much time for you. So please don’t blame for their mercilessness and unkindness.

Except for looking for help from Chinese people, you can learn Chinese by yourself online. There are many apps to learn Chinese mandarin online free now. You just need to search for them and download them and try them one by one, and then pick one or two that suit you. Now let’s see the 3 apps to learn Mandarin that I pick for you.

1. HelloChinese

HelloChinese is an application developed by a Chinese company whose CEO was graduated from Tsinghua University. It is full compatible with most of Android and iPhone mobile devices. Different from other common learn Chinese app android and iPhone, HelloChinese combine Chinese learning with games, which make the learning process more intresting. Except for learning basic Chinese characters, it also teaches you Chinese grammar, and helps you practice speaking and writing Chinese. From the level easy to the level hard, it is embeded with fifty parts, which can be finished during six months if you can insist half an hour each day. By the way, this app provides in-app purchase items.

2. Learn Chinese Offline – Learn Mandarin

Learn Chinese Mandarin Offline is a newly-published application. So it may be not very perfect for the moment. What I like think highly of this app is that it divides the phrases and vocabularies according to occasions like Chinese popular food, greetings, general conversation, numbers, time and date, directions and places, transportation, accommodation, shopping, colours, countries, turisom, family, etc.

3. Learn Chinese 10000 Mandarin

Different from above two applications, this best free app to learn Mandarin is more friendly to Chinese beginners as it provides parts to teach basic Chinese alphabets and pinyin chart. If the interface and color of this app can be improved, I’m sure it will be more widely welcome.

These three learn Chinese app Android and iOS are chosen from my own perspective, of course you can find more choices on the Internet. Just try more and pick one or two suit you.

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