Chinese HSK Test

4 Tips to Prepare Chinese HSK 4 Exam

HSK (abbreviation of Hàn yǔ Shuǐ píng Kǎo shì) is a standardized test for non-native speakers to calculate their Chinese proficiency ability. It can be divided into 6 levels with corresponding requirements in the quantity of Chinese vocabulary and influency. Today, we are going to talk about hsk 4 like what hsk level 4 is, hsk 4 vocabulary list, and hsk 4 preparation.

1. What is HSK 4?

HSK 4 (also named Chinese hsk level 4) is the fourth level of HSK text. It requires you master at least 1,200 Chinese words and can communicate with native Chinese fluently. In recent years, it is gradually considered as the passport and prerequisite to study in China and apply for scholarship of Chinese universities. Besides, you are more likely to get promotion and raise salary in the international company if you achieved hsk 4 certificates.

2. What is HSK 4 Scoring System?

HSK 4 exam consists of listening, reading and writing three parts. 100 questions in total. You have to finish these questions in one hour and forty five minutes. To pass the exam, you have to achieve the a score more than the baseline of each parts, like listening  29-37  scores, grammar 28-36 scores, reading 30-38 scores and the comprehensive part 28-36 scores. The higher, the better.

3. HSK 4 Vocabulary List

The number of Chinese vocabulary for HSK 4 is set at 1,200. Download the vocabulary list from the Internet and practice them like pronunciations, writing and meanings. I’m sure you can find them easily. If you can’t find hsk level 4 vocabulary list, just leave message below and I will send you the vocabulary list document via email you left.

4. How to Prepare HSK 4 Test?

To figure out how to prepare HSK 4 exam, you need to make it clear what HSK 4 will test like the vocabulary, hsk 4 grammar, and understanding the sentence. I suggest you practicing with the help of HSK 4 mock test and previous HSK 4 test paper. Actually it’s not difficult to find some either. You can download documents or pdf from the Internet or you can buy some.

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