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5 Best Places to Visit in China in February

Traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming in about one month, which is exactly in February 2018. During these days, most of Chinese people tend to celebrate it in home, after all, it is a festival for family reunion. But it does not mean no one will go outside travelling during this festival. As a native China, I choose 5 best places to travel in February in China. If you plan to visit China in February and have no idea about where to go on holiday in February, you can read this article at first, and I hope that it is helpful for you.

1. Taiwan

The first place I recommend you to visit in February is Taiwan. As Taiwan is located near the equator, the temperature in February is between 11 to 24 degree, which is quite a cosy weather. If you are looking for warm holidays in February in China, Taiwai is a place not to be missed. Besides, as most Chinese are celebrating Spring Festival with their family in February, there are not many tourists here, you can enjoy a cozy holiday as well as budget accommodation. In addition, it is the flower season of Yangming Mount in Taiwan, where you can glut your eyes in the colorful sceneary.

2. Harbin

When we talk about Harbin, the first word coming into our mind is ice engraving. In February, Harbin is covered with white and heavy snow, and we can see different shapes of engraved ice almost in all streets, which makes up of a unique sceneary under colorful lights. Besides, you can experience skiing, skating and other sports on the snow.

3. Sanya

Sanya, located in the southest of China, is the best choice to avoid the chilliness in Winter.  As many travel guides said, the best time to visit Sanya is from September to April. And Winter is the best time to have a fun along the seaside. When other places are surrounded by chilliness, you can still wear bikini and enjoy cold drinks here.

4. Chengdu/Chongqing

The reason why I put these two places together is that they are familiar in weather and both of them are well-known by their hot pot. In Febuary, it is actually still a little cold in Chengdu and Chongqing, but just because of the coldness, it makes a best time to enjoy hot pot. The taste of Chongqing’s hot pot and Chengdu’s hot pot is a little different, you can taste both if you want, after all, they are very close and two days for each place are completely enough.

5. Beijing

Beijing is the last place that I recommend you to visit in February, because as the capital of China, it must be full of people during the Spring Festival. But ignoring this point, it is still worth to visit here. As the capital of China, you can see lots of China culture and traditions here during the Spring Festival such as acrobatics, Kongfu performance, opera, sugar paiting, etc. And the best place to enjoy all of these performances is the temple fair of Beijing.

By now, the five places I pick for you to visit in February in China have been introduced. If you have other places that you think suitable for February travel, you can leave message below.

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