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5 Movies Recommendation for Chinese Learners

Just like learning English, watching movies is a good way to learn some basic characters sentences. In this article I will inroduce you some movies that can help you learn Mandarin Chinese.

1. 霸王别姬(Farewell My Concubine)

Farewell My Concubine is a classic Chinese movie adapted from Li Bihua’s novel, directed by Kaige Chen, and starred Leslie Cheung, Fengyi Zhang, and Gong Li. The protagonist of this film is Cheng dieyi, starred by Leslie Cheung. From this movie, you can learn Chinese language as well as Chinese traditional culture such as Beijing opera.

2. 驴得水(Mr.Donkey)

This comedy movie is produced on 2016 and it tells a story that teachers in a remote mountain area in China fake a donkey as a teacher so that they can get extra income. Although this movie is full of funny things but it reveals and criticizes the society’s discrimination to women, which auctually turns out to be a tragedy.

3. 全民目击(Silent Witness)

Silent Witness is a criminal suspense film starred by Sun Honglei, Aaron Kwok and Yu Nan. It was aired in 2013 and achieved a lot of applause. The protagonist of this movie is called Lin Tai. He is a wellknown wealthy person and is preparing the wedding of him and his girlfriend whom he loves for several years. However, the bride was killed suddenly and the daughter of Lin Tai became the first suspect. With the investigation continuing, more and more suspicions expose. Then who is the murderer?

4. 大鱼海棠(Big Fish & Begonia)

Big Fish & Begonia is a fantasy animated film. It tells the story of a young girl Chun tries her efforts to revive the human boy “Kun” soul in order to gratitude under the God’s help and entangled with each other and the fate. The film was shown on the mainland of China in July 8, 2016.

5. 北京遇上西雅图

This movie is a modern romantic film which was starred by Tang Wei, Wu Xiubo and Christina. The film tells the love story “materialgirl” Allison and the confinement center driver Frank. The film was shown on China’s mainland in March 21, 2013, officially launched in May 5th. It achieved 520 million final box office, which refreshed the record of domestic love film box office in China.

OK. Above are five movies that I think helpful for you to learn chinese from movies. For more tips about Chinese language and culture, you can leave message to me via my facebook page @chinesecultureandlanguage




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