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5 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Chinese

If someone helps you, you will definitly say Thank You to him. In Chinese, thank you can be translated into “谢谢(xiè xie)”and “感谢(ɡǎn xiè)”. Then if a Chinese says “thank you” to you, do you know how to say “you are welcome” in Mandarin? Here I will introduce you five ways to express “you’re welcome” in Chinese (pinyin included).

1. 不用谢

Chinese: 不用谢

pinyin: bú yònɡ xiè

meaning: don’t mention it


James: 丽丽, 谢谢让我搭你的车。Lily, thanks for taking me a ride.

Lily: 不用谢。Don’t mention it.

2. 不客气

Chinese: 不客气

pinyin: bú kè qi

meaning: you’re welcome


James: 丽丽, 你能教我中文吗?Lily, can you teach me Chinese?

Lily: 没问题。Okay.

James: 太好了,真是太感谢你了。Great. Thanks very much.

Lily: 不客气。You’re welcome.

3. 小意思

Chinese: 小意思

pinyin: xiǎo yì si

meaning: a piece of cake


Lily: 我的手机坏了。My cellphone is broken.

James: 我帮你修吧。Let me help you fix it.

Lily: 真的吗?太谢谢你了。Really? Thank you very much.

James: 小意思。That’s a piece of cake.

4. 应该的

Chinese: 应该的

pinyin: yīnɡ ɡāi de

meaning: sure


James: 我来帮你搬这个桌子吧。Let me help you take this desk.

Lily: 谢谢。Thank you.

James: 应该的。Sure.

5. 这没什么

Chinese: 这没什么

pinyin: zhè méi shén me

meaning: it’s nothing

Actually, 这没什么 is similar to 小意思. You can use them as you like.

Now, the five ways that we native Chinese usually use to express “you’re welcome” are all listed here. Compared with other three phrases, bú kè qi and bú yònɡ xiè are commoner.

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