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50 World Cup Vocabulary – Chinese Characters

The FIFA World Cup, usually called World Cup, is an international football competition hosted every four years since 1930. The recent tournament was just finished in Russia with the victory of the France team. During the last month, almost all people around the world were celebrating this important match.

As one of the most popular ball games (ball games characters in Chinese) around the world, FIFA World Cup always draws the eyesight of millions of people. Although China team failed to participate this contest, Chinese people still paid close attention to the real-time status of the game, not just in 2018 but every World Cup game. According to FIFA official statistics, the number of Chinese who went to Russia watching World Cup contest may exceed 100,000. Maybe there were one Chinese around you who also devotes his enthusiasm to this game. Master football terms in Chinese will help you communicate more smoothly. Therefore, I will teach you 50 soccer terms in Mandarin like 2018 World Cup in Chinese.

1. World Cup

Chinese: 世界杯                Pinyin: shì jiè bēi

2. 2018 World Cup

Chinese: 2018年世界杯      Pinyin: èr línɡ yì bā nián shì jiè bēi

3. Football Match

Chinese: 足球比赛               Pinyin: zú qiú bǐ sài

4. Coach

Chinese: 教练                    Pinyin: jiào liàn

5. Referee

Chinese: 裁判                 Pinyin: cái pàn

6. Goal

Chinese: 球门             Pinyin: qiú mén

7. Foul

Chinese: 犯规             Pinyin: fàn ɡuī

8. Yellow Card

Chinese: 黄牌            Pinyin: huánɡ pái

9. Red Card

Chinese: 红牌           Pinyin: hónɡ pái

10. Extra time

Chinese: 加时赛        Pinyin: jiā shí sài

11. Final

Chinese: 决赛             Pinyin: jué sài

12. Offside

Chinese: 越位             Pinyin: yuè wèi

13. Penalty kick

Chinese: 点球             Pinyin: diǎn qiú

14. Tackle

Chinese: 铲球            Pinyin: chǎn qiú

15. Elimination Match

Chinese: 淘汰赛           Pinyin: táo tài sài

16. Injury Time

Chinese: 伤停补时         Pinyin: shānɡ tínɡ bǔ shí

17. Tie

Chinese: 平局            Pinyin: pínɡ jú

18. Semi-finals

Chinese: 半决赛          Pinyin: bàn jué sài

19. Quarter-finals

Chinese: 四分之一决赛           Pinyin: sì fēn zhī yì jué sài

20. Runner-up

Chinese: 亚军              Pinyin: yà jūn

21. Host country

Chinese: 东道国          Pinyin: dōnɡ dào ɡuó

22. Group Stage

Chinese: 小组赛            Pinyin: xiáo zǔ sài

23. Free Kick

Chinese: 任意球            Pinyin: rèn yì qiú

24. Stopping

Chinese: 停球            Pinyin: tínɡ qiú

25. Sweeper

Chinese: 清道夫            Pinyin: qīnɡ dào fū

26. Goalkeeper/Goaltender

Chinese: 守门员            Pinyin: shǒu mén yuán

27. Forward

Chinese:  前锋           Pinyin: qián fēnɡ

28. Place Kick

Chinese: 定位球             Pinyin: dìnɡ wèi qiú

29. Eighth-finals

Chinese: 八分之一决赛            Pinyin: bā fēn zhī yì jué sài

30. Penalty Area

Chinese: 禁区            Pinyin: jìn qū

31. Hat-trick

Chinese: 帽子戏法            Pinyin: mào zi xì fǎ

32. Corner

Chinese:角球             Pinyin: jiǎo qiú

33. Hand Ball

Chinese:  手球           Pinyin: shǒu qiú

34. Header

Chinese: 头球            Pinyin: tóu qiú

35. Back/Defender

Chinese: 后卫            Pinyin: hòu wèi

36. Centre/Centre Forward

Chinese: 中锋            Pinyin: zhōnɡ fēnɡ

37. Substitute

Chinese: 候补队员            Pinyin: hòu bǔ duì yuán

38. Cheering Squad

Chinese: 啦啦队             Pinyin: lā lā duì

39. Possession Percentage

Chinese: 控球率            Pinyin: kònɡ qiú lǜ 

40. to break through

Chinese: 带球过人            Pinyin: dài qiú ɡuò rén

41. to set a wall

Chinese: 筑人墙            Pinyin: zhù rén qiánɡ

42. Nationteam

Chinese: 国家队            Pinyin: ɡuó jiā duì

43. Wing forward/Wingerwing

Chinese: 边锋            Pinyin: biān fēnɡ

44. Midfield

Chinese: 中场             Pinyin: zhōnɡ chǎnɡ

45. Adidas Gold Boot

Chinese: 世界杯金靴奖             Pinyin: shì jiè bēi jīn xuē jiǎnɡ

46. Own Goal

Chinese: 乌龙球           Pinyin: wū lónɡ qiú

47. Group Game

Chinese: 小组赛            Pinyin: xiáo zǔ sài

48. Round of 16

Chinese:十六强             Pinyin: shí liù qiánɡ

49. Starter

Chinese:首发             Pinyin: shǒu fā

50. Stoppage Time

Chinese: 补时            Pinyin: bǔ shí

OK. All 50 Chinese football terms are listed here. As I am not professional in football game, there are some terms that maybe missed here. If you have other soccer terms in Chinese that you want to know, you can leave comments here, I will reply you ASAP.

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