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7 Common Chinese Phrases for Shopping – Sino5000

Learning Chinese words is a easy task, however, mastering how to use it in daily life is not that easy. In this article, I will teach you 7 common Chinese shopping phrases.

1. 请问这个怎么卖?

qǐnɡ wèn zhè ɡe zěn me mài ?

This phrase is usually used to ask the price of something. If you have already chosen your items, and you need to know the price to decide to buy or not, you can use this phrase. Of course, except this phrase, you can use 多少钱(duō shǎo qián)as well.



zhè ɡe yǒu dà hào mɑ? qǐnɡ ɡěi wǒ ná dà hào 

For sizes, you can use 大号 if you want the large size, 中号(zhōng hào) for medium and 小号 (xiăo hào) for small. Do note that Chinese sizes are smaller compared to western sizes since Asians are more petite. But in China, the items you purchased are usually allowed to change during one week.



qǐnɡ wèn shì yī jiān zài nǎ ?

When you chose some certain items and want to try, but you have no idea about where the fitting room is, you can use this phrase to ask for help.



qǐnɡ wèn dǎ zhé mɑ?

This is most suitable when you’re in the night market or when you’re buying from street side vendors where there are no fixed prices. This expression is more suitable in the shopping mall. The more oral expression is 能便宜点吗 (nénɡ pián yi diǎn mɑ).



wǒ yào shuā kǎ

It means that you want to pay with card. At the cashier, they’ll usually ask you“刷卡吗?” (Are you paying with your card?) , when you’re paying with credit, you can nod and say “要刷卡”,  but say “现金” ( xiàn jīn ) when you’re paying with cash.



jǐ lóu shì nǚ zhuānɡ

You can also use 女装 (nǚ zhuāng) for women’s wear or 男装 (nán zhuāng) for menswear. For other sections of the department store, you can use 化妆品 (huà zhuāng pǐn) for cosmetics, 家具 (jiā jù) for furniture, 家庭用品 (jiā tíng yòng pǐn) for housewares, 运动商品 (yùn dòng shāng pǐn) for sporting goods, 童装 (tóng zhuāng) for kids wear, 高尔夫/休闲用品 (gāo ěr fū /xiū xián yòng pǐn) for golf/leisure goods, 珠宝 (zhū bǎo) for jewelry and 进口商品 (jìn kǒu shāng pǐn) for imported goods. This phrase is used when you want to know which floor your wanted items lie in.


For more Chinese language questions, please leave messages in the comment area. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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