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7 Common Questions to Ask for Personal Info in Chinese

I found that the majority of Chinese beginners were confused by how to ask and answer me the personal information when I got along with them. Today, I will teach you 7 common Chinese questions to ask and how to answer these questions.

1. How to Ask Someone’s Name

Chinese: 你叫什么名字?

Pinyin: nǐ jiào shén me mínɡ zi?

Answer: 我叫Lily. wǒ jiào Lily.

2. How to Ask Someone’s Family Name?

Chinese: 你姓什么?

Pinyin: nǐ xìnɡ shén me?

Answer: 我姓谌。wǒ xìnɡ chén。

3. How to Ask Someone’s Nationality

Chinese: 你是哪国人?

Pinyin: nǐ shì nǎ ɡuó rén ?

Answer: 我是中国人。wǒ shì zhōnɡ ɡuó rén。

4. How to Ask Someone’s Birthday

Chinese: 你的生日是什么时候?

Pinyin: nǐ de shēnɡ rì shì shén me shí hou?

Answer: 我的生日是八月十六日。wǒ de shēnɡ rì shì bá yuè shí liù rì。

5. How to Ask Someone’s Phone Number

Chinese: 你的电话号码是多少?

Pinyin: nǐ de diàn huà hào mǎ shì duō shǎo?

Answer: 我的电话号码是…。wǒ diàn huà hào mǎ shì…。

6. How to Ask Someone’s Work

Chinese: 你是做什么工作的?

Pinyin: nǐ shì zuò shén me ɡōnɡ zuò de?

Answer: 我是一名老师。wǒ shì yì mínɡ lǎo shī。

7. How to Ask Someone’s Hobby

Chinese: 你平时喜欢做什么?

Pinyin: nǐ pínɡ shí xǐ huɑn zuò shén me?

Answer: 我喜欢爬山。wǒ xǐ huɑn pá shān。

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