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Ball Games in Chinese – Mandarin Chinese characters

Basketball is a very popular sport for boys in China. But do you know how to say basketball in Chinese? Today, I will teach you some common ball games in Mandarin language like basketball, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, etc. 

1. English: Basketball                              Chinese Character: 篮球                       Pin Yin: lán qiú

2. English: Football                                  Chinese Character: 足球                       Pin Yin: zú qiú

3. English: volleyball                                Chinese Character: 排球                       Pin Yin: pái qiú

4. English: ping-pong                     Chinese Character: 乒乓球                   Pin Yin: pīng pāng qiú

5. English: badminton                       Chinese Character: 羽毛球                   Pin Yin: yǔ máo qiú

6. English: bowl                                  Chinese Character: 保龄球                   Pin Yin: bǎo líng qiú

7. English: baseball                                        Chinese Character: 棒球                   Pin Yin: bàng qiú

8. English: billiards                                        Chinese Character: 台球                   Pin Yin: tái qiú

9. English: golf                                        Chinese Character: 高尔夫球           Pin Yin: gāo ěr fū qiú

10. English: curling                                        Chinese Character: 冰壶                   Pin Yin: bīng hú

11. English: rugby                                   Chinese Character: 橄榄球               Pin Yin: gǎn lǎn qiú

12. English: handball                                   Chinese Character: 手球                   Pin Yin: shǒu qiú

When you want to tell someone or ask someone to play balls, you can use 打(dǎ)before the balls.

For example:

Would you like to play basketball this weekend?


My favorite sport is playing football.






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