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Chinese Characters about Color – Chinese Vocabulary

In this article, I will teach you how to say some common colors used frequently in daily life, including characters, meaning, and pronunciations.


Chinese: 红色

pinyin: hóng sè

meaning: red


Chinese: 白色

pinyin: bái sè

meaning: white


Chinese: 蓝色

pinyin: lán sè

meaning: blue


Chinese: 绿色

pinyin: lǜ sè

meaning: green


Chinese: 黄色

pinyin: huáng sè

meaning: yellow


Chinese: 橙色

pinyin: chéng sè

meaning: orange


Chinese: 紫色

pinyin: zǐ sè

meaning: purple


Chinese: 棕色

pinyin: zōng sè

meaning: brown


Chinese: 黑色

pinyin: hēi sè

meaning: black


Chinese: 粉红色

pinyin: fěn hóng sè

meaning: pink


Chinese: 灰色

pinyin: huī sè

meaning: gray

In Chinese, we usually add “的(de)” after these color characters to describe the color of a thing. For example, flower is 红色的;the moon is 白色的;the sky is 蓝色的;the skirt is blue.

Today’s homework: write these characters and practice their pronunciations.


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