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Chinese Characters about Mood “心情”

In every day, we have different moods, like happy, sad, nervous, angry and so on. But do you know how to describe your mood in Mandarin Chinese? If you have no idea about it, just finish this article. I will teach you some common characters to explain your mood and their pronunciations.

1. Chinese: 开心/高兴

Pinyin: kāi xīn /gāo xìng

Meaning: happy

2. Chinese: 伤心/难过

Pinyin: shāng xīn /nán guò

Meaning: sad/unhappy

3. Chinese: 紧张/忐忑

Pinyin: jǐn zhāng /tǎn tè

Meaning: nervous

4. Chinese: 生气

Pinyin: shēng qì

Meaning: angry

5. Chinese: 失望

Pinyin: shī wàng

Meaning: disappointed

6. Chinese: 委屈

Pinyin: wěi qū

Meaning: feel wronged, suffer from injustice

7. Chinese: 沮丧

Pinyin: jǔ sàng

Meaning: depressed

8. Chinese: 满足

Pinyin: mǎn zú

Meaning: satisfied

9. Chinese: 兴奋

Pinyin: xìng fèn

Meaning: excited

10. Chinese: 自豪

Pinyin: zì háo

Meaning: proud

Above are some characters that you can use to describe mood in Chinese language. If you have any questions, just leave messages to me via my Facebook page @chinesecultureandlanguage

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