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Chinese New Year Greetings Phrases and Wishes

Chinese New Year 2018 is coming soon. All Chinese will celebrate it with various methods. If you have Chinese friend or living in China, showing your kindness and courtesy on this day is an excellent choice. The first thing you need to learn is how to say Chinese New Year greetings phrases. In this post, I will tell you several common happy new year greetings. 

Formal Way to Show Your Greetings

As for most of our friends and relatives, we usually express our wishes in a casual way. However, as for the elder, colleagues and superiors, acquaintances that you are not very close, you’d better say happy new year in a formal way. We usually will add “zhù nín” or “zhù nǐ” before the wishes.

祝您……(zhù nín……), it means “wish you…”, usually for the elder and the superior

祝你……(zhù nǐ……), it means “wish you…” as well, but mainly for the younger or peer)

Commonest Greeting Words for New Year

Chinese New Year is named according to Chinese Zodiac. Chinese New Year 2017 is the Rooster year. So we usually use the zodiac to show our wishes, like “good luck for this Rooster year”.

鸡年大吉  –  jī nián dà jí  –  good luck in Rooster year

鸡年吉祥  –  jī nián jí xiánɡ  –  good luck in Rooster year

If you are going to say this wishes to your superiors, just say 祝您鸡年吉祥(zhù nín jī nián jí xiánɡ).     

New Year Greetings for the Elder

Except for “zhù nín”, other Chinese phrases can be used to express your respect to the elder as well. Below words are all used to wish the elder longevity.

福如东海  –   fú rú dōnɡ hǎi  –  

寿比南山  –   shòu bǐ nán shān

长命百岁  –   chánɡ mìnɡ bǎi suì

福寿安康  –   fú shòu ān kānɡ

Greetings and Words for Business

If you intend to wish somebody luck in her/his business, you can use below phrases.

财源广进  –   cái yuán ɡuǎnɡ jìn   –   wish him/her to be rich

生意兴隆  –   shēnɡ yi xīnɡ lónɡ   –   wish his/her business going well

步步高升  –   bù bù ɡāo shēnɡ     –   especially to wish to be promoted in work

平步青云  –   pínɡ bù qīnɡ yún    –   very suitable to show good luck to politician

事业有成  –   shì yè yǒu chénɡ     –    wish business going well

Happy New Year Wishes for Students

To express your wishes to students, we usually wish them make a great achievement.Phrases below can be used.

学业有成   –   xué yè yǒu chénɡ

学习进步   –   xué xí jìn bù

金榜题名   –   jīn bǎnɡ tí mínɡ  – suitable for those who is going to attend college entrance examination

New Year Wishes for Family

合家欢乐    –   hé jiā huān lè

阖家欢乐    –   hé jiā huān lè

Greetings Phrases and Words for Health

龙马精神    –   lónɡ mǎ jīnɡ shen

身体健康    –   shēn tǐ jiàn kānɡ

Common Greetings in Lunar Spring Festival

Some phrases can be used to show your wishes to anyone, like happy new year.

新年快乐    –   xīn nián kuài lè     –  Happy New Year

新年好      –   xīn nián hǎo       –   Happy New Year

万事如意    –   wàn shì rú yì       –  everything is all right

年年有余    –   nián nián yǒu yú    –   wish to be rich

心想事成    –   xīn xiǎnɡ shì chénɡ –  dreams come true

事事顺心    –   shì shì shùn xīn     –  everything goes well

恭喜发财    –   ɡōnɡ xǐ fā cái      –   wish to be rich

By now, we have introduced how to say happy new year in Chinese and all greeting phrases and words and you can used to show your kindness. Bearing them in mind, you will be a welcome visitor in China.

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