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Chinese Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is a traditional therapy which can track back to the Western Han Dynasty. Besides, it once prevailed in the ancient Greek and Rome as well.

1. Common materials for cupping

Actually, there are lots of materials that can be made into cup. The commonest types include bamboo jar, glass cup and suction cup.

1). bamboo jar

advantage: convenient, durable, not easily broken, with stronger magnetic attraction power.
shortcomings: easily cracked and leaked, non-transparent so that you can’t observe the situation in the cup.

2). glass cup

advantage: transparent so that you can observe the situation in the cup to determine the time for cupping.

shortcomings: conduct heat more quickly and it’s more likely to burn the skin of the patients.

3). suction cup theraphy

Suction cup is conducted by evacuate the air from the cup so that it can be sticked into the skin.

advantage: No need to use fire or electricity, safer, easily used.

shortcomings: magnetic attraction power is not as strong as fire cupping.

2. Availability of cupping theraphy

Just like other medicines,  cupping treatment  is not feasible for all persons. If you are in one of situations below, please remember that you are not suitable for cupping.

1). pregnant women

2). women in the period

3). your skin is fragile and easily to bleed

4). just having meal or drinking

5). have a problem with the lungs

6). epileptic

7). allergic skin or the skin was burned

3. What can’t do after cupping

There are also many taboos that you need to pay attention after cupping.

1). keep yourself warm. You can put a blanket on your back after cupping

2). Do not take a bath during the next eight hours after cupping

3). Use clean bedclothes



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