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Chinese Language – Year, Month and Date

What the date is today? When you were born? Do you know how to ask and answer questions about year, month and date? Today I will teach you how to say year, each month and date in Chinese language.

To learn how to say year, month and date in Chinese, you need to learn the four words that represent them at first.

1. 年


Meaning: year

2. 月

Pinyin: yuè

Meaning: month

3. 日( formal Chinese)

Pinyin: rì

meaning: date

4. 号(oral Chinese)

Pinyin: hào

meaning: date

Part 1. How to Say Year in Chinese

In Chinese, we usually read the digits of the year and followed by “年” . For example:

Year Chinese Pinyin
1990 1990年 yī jiǔ jiǔ líng nián
2008 2008年 èr líng líng bā nián
2017 2017年 èr líng yī qī nián

Part 2. How to Say Month in Chinese

There are twelve months in Chinese calendar as well. The method of reading month in Chinese is a little different from the year. Besides, we also add “月” after each specific month.

Month Chinese Pinyin
January 一月 yī yuè
February 二月 èr yuè
March 三月 sān yuè
April 四月 sì yuè
May 五月 wǔ yuè
June 六月 liù yuè
July 七月 qī yuè
August 八月 bā yuè
September 九月 jiǔ yuè
October 十月 shí yuè
November 十一月 shí yī yuè
December 十二月 shí èr yuè

Part 3. How to Say Date in Chinese

Date Formal Chinese Pinyin Oral Chinese Pinyin
Janary 1 一月一日 yī yuè yī rì 一月一号 yī yuè yī hào
April 11 四月十一日  sì yuè shí yī rì 四月十一号 sì yuè shí yī hào
August 28 八月二十八日  bā yuè èr shí bā rì 八月二十八号 bā yuè èr shí bā hào
October 7 十月七日 shí yuè qī rì 十月七号 shí yuè qī hào
November 25 十一月二十五日  shí yī yuè èr shí wǔ rì 十一月二十五号 shí yī yuè èr shí wǔ hào

When we say a date of a year in English, we usually put the year at the end. But it is different in Chinese, we usually put year before the month and date. For example:

– January 1, 2017

Chinese: 2017年1月1日

Pinyin: èr líng yī qī nián yī yuè yī rì

– My birthday is August 16.


Pinyin: wǒ de shēnɡ rì shì bá yuè shí liù rì.

You can think about more date and then do more practice.

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