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Chinese Phrases for Booking a Hotel Room

Booking a hotel room in Chinese is a must-have skill if you want to travel around or are doing business in China because not all Chinese people can speak or understand English. Today I will teach you several phrases used or hear commonly when we are booking a hotel room in China.

Part 1. Chinese Hotel Vocabulary

Before we get down to the phrases 0r sentences about how to book a hotel room in Chinese, I’d like to teach you some vocabulary that you can often hear in hotel.

1). 登记入住

pinyin: dēnɡ jì rù zhù

meaning: check in

2). 退房

pinyin: tuì fánɡ

meaning: check out

3). 前台/服务台

pinyin: qián tái / fú wù tái

meaning: reception

4). 酒店大厅

pinyin: jiǔ diàn dà tīnɡ

meaning: restaurant lounge

5). 值班经理

pinyin: zhí bān jīnɡ lǐ

meaning: manager on duty

6). 单人间

pinyin: dān rén jiān

meaning: single room

7). 双人房

pinyin: shuānɡ rén fánɡ

meaning: double room

8). 套房

pinyin: tào fánɡ

meaning: suite

Part 2. Hotel Conversation in Chinese

1). 你想要单人房还是双人房?

pinyin: nǐ xiǎnɡ yào dān rén fánɡ hái shì shuānɡ rén fánɡ?

meaning: Do you want a single or a double room?

2). 请出示你的身份证

pinyin: qǐnɡ chū shì nǐ de shēn fèn zhènɡ

meaning: Could I see your ID card?

3). 房间有附带早餐

pinyin: fánɡ jiān yǒu fù dài zǎo cān

meaning: Your room includes breakfast

4). 退房要在12点前

pinyin: tuì fánɡ yào zài 12 diǎn qián

meaning: Check out is before 12p.m.

5). 你有订房吗?

pinyin: nǐ yǒu dìnɡ fánɡ mɑ?

meaning: Do you have a reservation?

6) .你的房间是502

pinyin: nǐ de fánɡ jiān shì 502.

meaning: Your room is 502.

7). 我想定一个今天晚上的单人间

pinyin: wǒ xiǎnɡ dìnɡ yí ɡè jīn tiān wǎn shɑnɡ de dān rén jiān

meaning: I’d like to book a single room for this evening

OK, this is the end of today’s share. If I miss something or you’d like to know more, please comment below.

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