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Chinese Valentine’s Day – Double Seventh Festival

Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2018 comes on August 17. Thousands of lovers will celebrate this important festival in various ways like watching cinema, having dinner, giving each other gifts, etc. If you want to find your lover in China, you must learn about this festival. Today, we will talk about Chinese Valentine’s Day, that is Qixi Festival.

1. What is Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day, also named Double Seventh Festival or Qixi Festival, is one of the famous traditional festival in China. It begins from the Han Dynasty and derives from the worship to the Nature and the love story between Niulang and zhī nǚ. In 20th May, 2006, Double 7 was recorded into the first list of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage.

2. Chinese Valentines Day Date

Different from the Werstern Valentine’s Day in February 14, Chinese Qixi Festival lies in the seventh day of July on the Lunar Calendar. In the ancient China, July 6 on the Lunar Calendar was considered as Qixi as well, but nowadays, 7th July on the Lunar Calendar is more widely accepted Chinese Valentine’s Day date.

3. Chinese Valentine’s Day Tradition

Nowadays, Chinese Valentine’s Day has nothing different from the Western Valentines in the celebratings. It is just a day for lovers to show their love to each other. On this day, boys and girls will prepare gifts for their lovers like red rose and chocalate, hang out to watch movie, say love to each other and do other romantic things. But traced back to the traditional China, Qixi celebratings are more complicated and diverse. People will pray for happiness and longevity, display flowers and candies to worship zhī nǚ, and embroider various patterns on textiles, etc.

4. The Development of Double Seventh Festival

Except for China, Double 7 Festival influences Japan, the South Korea and Vietnam greatly. Qixi in Japan follows some traditions of China but has nothing to do with love. Besides, Qixi Festival in Japan lies on 7th July of the Solar Calendar instead of the Lunar Calendar. On this day, people will pray for girls for unique and special skills on some aspects.

As for the South Korea, the love story between Niulang and zhī nǚ  continues to use and people like to pray for their friends for safety.

The most typical country that completely follows the traditions of Chinese Qixi Festival is Vietnam. Not only the story between Niulang and zhī nǚ is followed, the food to display on this day are also similar to the south areas of China. 


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