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Chinese Vocabulary about Bedclothes

Do you feel it difficult to remember Chinese characters? That is the same with memorizing words of other languages like Japanese and English. When I was learning English, I usually memorize words by connecting them with the specific things, which can leave me a visual impression. Today, I will teach you daily Chinese vocabulary about bedclothes that we can see in our everyday life.

1. Chinese character: 被子

Pinyin: bèi zi

Meaning: quilt; duvet

2. Chinese character: 被套

Pinyin: bèi tào

Meaning: comforter shell


3. Chinese character: 床单

Pinyin: chuánɡ dān

Meaning: flat sheet

4. Chinese character: 枕头

Pinyin: zhěn tou

Meaning: pillow

5. Chinese character: 枕套

Pinyin: zhěn tào

Meaning: pillow case

6. Chinese character: 床垫

Pinyin: chuánɡ diàn

Meaning: mattress

7. Chinese character: 靠垫

Pinyin: kào diàn

Meaning: cushion

8. Chinese character: 床罩

Pinyin: chuánɡ zhào

Meaning: fitted sheet; bed cover

9. Chinese character: 窗帘

Pinyin: chuānɡ lián

Meaning: curtain

10. Chinese character: 睡袋

Pinyin: shuì dài

Meaning: sleeping bag


11. Chinese character: 毛毯

Pinyin: máo tǎn

Meaning: blanket

12. Chinese character: 蚊帐

Pinyin: wén zhànɡ

Meaning: mosquito net; mosquito bar; mosquito curtai

Bedclothes like blanket, quilt, blanket, curtain, fitted sheet in Chinese have been introduced here. Master these Chinese characters and you will never need to worry when you want to purchase bedding set.


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