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Chinese Vocabulary: Hair Salon

Getting hair cut is a regular matter in our daily life, which means that we need to communicate with hairdressers. Except for the basic phrases like jiǎn duǎn yì diǎn diǎn, you are required to master more characters and phrases when dealing with Chinese hairdressers. Today, I will teach you Chinese vocabulary for hair salon. 

1. General Chinese Vocabulary for Hair Salon

Chinese: 理发

pinyin: lǐ fà

meaning: haircut; cut hair


Chinese: 理发店

pinyin: lǐ fà diàn

meaning: barber shop


Chinese: 理发师

pinyin: lǐ fà shī

meaning: hairdresser


Chinese: 烫卷发

pinyin: tànɡ juǎn fà

meaning: ironing hair


Chinese: 拉直头发

pinyin: lā zhí tóu fà

meaning: straighten hair


Chinese: 染发

pinyin: rǎn fà

meaning: dyeing hair


2. Tools for Hair Cut in Mandarin

Chinese: 梳子

pinyin: shū zi

meaning: comb


Chinese: 剪刀

pinyin: jiǎn dāo

meaning: scissors


Chinese: 吹风机

pinyin: chuī fēnɡ jī

meaning: hair drier


Chinese: 发夹

pinyin: fà jiá

meaning: hair clip


Chinese: 电卷棒

pinyin: diàn juǎn bànɡ

meaning: electric hair curler


Chinese: 洗发水

pinyin: xǐ fà shuǐ

meaning: shampoo


Chinese: 护发素

pinyin: hù fà

meaning: hair conditioner


Chinese: 发膜

pinyin: fà

meaning: hair mask


3. Hair Type in Chinese

Chinese: 平头

pinyin: pínɡ tóu

meaning: crop


Chinese: 直发

pinyin: zhí fà

meaning: straight hair


Chinese: 卷发

pinyin: juǎn fà

meaning: curly hair


Chinese: 中分

pinyin: zhōnɡ fēn

meaning: centre parting


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