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Chinese Wine Dringking Culture

Chinese wine culture, as a part of Chinese cuisine culture, can be traced back to the ancient times. With the development of liquor-making techniques, Chinese wine drinking culture grows as well. Today I will introduce Chinese wine drinking culture, especially for business.

Different from the wine drinking of other countries, wine drinking in China is usually related to various benefits. As we can usually see, many people take it as an opportunity where they can make a deal, show off, and fawn over each other especially among official circles. That’s why drinking wine culture is commonest in Henan, Xi’an, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong and other traditional political centers.

Characteristic of Chinese Wine Drinking Culture

1. Drink-urging

In China, you will find that you are usually forced to drink once you join a table. You need to propose a toast to each of your partner and leader. And If they propose a toast to you, you have no other choices but to accept.

2. Drinking more is better

In Chinese wine drinking table, few people will consider your health condition or whether you need to drive. You will be considered that you look down on them if you refuse their toast. That’s why you can usually hear “bottom up”.

3. Waste of resources

It is a common phenomenon that we only drink wine when gathering instead of having the dishes. After drinking so much wine, we can’t spare more space to place food in our stomach, which in hence causes the waste of food.

4. Complicated incentives

As I said before, many gatherings are hosted for making devious transactions such as bribery, transaction of power and beauty. And many business contracts are concluded when the persons concerned are drunk. Once he wakes up and realizes that what mistakes he had made, everything is done.

5. Hypocritical and condescending

If you ever attended a gathering among political circles, you will find only the subordinates need to propose a toast to the superiors, or at least to the  equals. No one will propose a toast to his subordinates.

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