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Currency and Banking Phrases in Mandarin – Chinese Vocabulary

Knowing how to say Chinese money and how to communicate with bank in Chinese is an essential skill to live in China. Here we will show you how to say Chinese currency in details and some common phrases that you can use to communicate with banks in China.

1. Chinese Currency

Chinese money, also named Ren Min Bi, have eight different denominations. From the below chart, you will learn all.

Denomination English Meaning Pin Yin
一毛/一角 RMB0.1 yì máo/yì jiǎo
五毛/五角 RMB0.5 wǔ máo/wǔ jiǎo
一元/一块 RMB1 yì yuán/yí kuài
五元/五块 RMB5 wǔ yuán/wǔ kuài
十元/十块 RMB10 shí yuán/shí kuài
二十元/二十块 RMB20 èr shí yuán/èr shí kuài
五十元/五十块 RMB50 wǔ shí yuán/wǔ shí kuài
一百元/一百块 RMB100 yì bǎi yuán/yì bǎi kuài

In Chinese language, we usually use yuán or kuài to describe the money and máo or jiǎo to describe the money less that one yuan. When the money is more than ten yuan, we tend to omit

the denomination, yuán and kuài.

For example:

A: 这个电风扇多少钱?How much is this fan?

B: 五十。Fifty 。

2. Banking Phrases in Chinese Language

Except for the daily shopping, we will also talk about money frequently in Bank. In this situation, only knowing the how to say Chinese money is not enough. You have to master some simple yet common sentences to communicate with banks. That is what this part focuses on.

Banking Phrase Pin Yin English Meaning
开户 kāihù Open an account
取钱 qǔ qián withdraw money
存钱 cún qián Deposit
账户 zhànghù Account
银行 yínháng Bank
兑现 duìxiàn Cash a check
支票 zhīpiào Check
柜台 guìtái Counter
信用卡 xìnyòngkǎ  credit card
汇率  huìlǜ  Exchange rate
现金  xiànjīn  Cash
出纳员  chūnà yuán  Teller

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