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“Four Great New Inventions” in Modern China

As we all know, the Four Great Inventions are inventions from ancient China that are celebrated in Chinese culture for the historical significance and as symbols of ancient China’s advanced science and technology. They conclude Compass, Gunpowder, Paper-making and Printing. But in recent year, a number of new innovations have stroke the world. Among them, four stand out and are rewarded as China’s Four Great New Inventions in modern times. Today, I will tell you what China’s four great new inventions are and how to say them in Mandarin Chinese.

1. 高铁

Chinese:高铁      Pinyin: gāo tiě       English: high-speed railway

2. 支付宝

Chinese: 支付宝       Pinyin: zhī fù bǎo             English: Alipay

3. 共享单车

Chinese: 共享单车       Pinyin: gòng xiǎng dān chē       English: Sharing bicycle

4. 网购

Chinese: 网购             Pinyin: wǎng gòu                English: online shopping

English: Then, here is the question: Which one is your favorite?

Chinese: 那么,问题来了:你最喜欢“新四大发明”中的哪一个?

Pinyin: nà me , wèn tí lái le :nǐ zuì xǐ huān “xīn sì dà fā míng ”zhōng de nǎ yī gè ?

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