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How do you say “thank you for coming” in Chinese?

Someone came to your party, your presentation, or your performance, and you want to thank them? We usually will use “thanks for your time” “thanks for coming” “thank you for coming” or “thanks for your coming” to express our gratitude. In China, we usually use phrases with the similar meaning to thanks for coming to thanks someone who comes to our ceremony, party, or other important moments.

In this article, I will teach you how to say “thank you for coming” “thanks for coming” “thanks for your time” “thanks for your coming” in Chinese.

1. Thanks for your coming, thanks for coming, thank you for coming

1) . 欢迎光临

– huān yínɡ ɡuānɡ lín

2). 谢谢你的到来

– xiè xiè nǐ de dào lái

3). 感谢您的光临

– ɡǎn xiè nín de ɡuānɡ lín

4). 感谢您的到来

– ɡǎn xiè nín de dào lái

2. Thanks for your time

1). 感谢你的时间

– ɡǎn xiè nǐ de shí jiān

2). 谢谢你抽出时间来

– xiè xiè nǐ chōu chū shí jiān lái

3). 非常感谢你的宝贵时间

– fēi chánɡ ɡǎn xiè nǐ de bǎo ɡuì shí jiān

4). 谢谢你的配合

– xiè xiè nǐ de pèi hé

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