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How Many Negatives are there in Chinese?

Negative is a word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal such as no, not, none, never, nothing, nobody, without, instead of, etc. When learning Chinese language, knowing Chinese negatives words will help you express yourself better. Hense, the topic that we will share today is about Chinese negatives.

1. 不是 (am not; isn’t; aren’t)

e.g.:  我不是老师.

pinyin: wǒ bú shì lǎo shī.

meaning: I am not a teacher.

2. 不能 (cannot; must not; should not; unable)

e.g.: 我们决不能一见成绩就自满起来.

pinyin: wǒ men jué bù nénɡ yí jiàn chénɡ jì jiù zì mǎn qǐ lái.

meaning: We must not become complacent the moment we have some success.

3. 没有(not have; there is not; be without)

e.g.: 你没有证据证明我参与了任何活动.

pinyin: nǐ méi yǒu zhènɡ jù zhènɡ mínɡ wǒ cān yù le rèn hé huó dònɡ.

meaning: You have no proof of my involvement in anything.

4. 不再 (anymore; no longer; not any more; no more; not any longer)

e.g.: 她不再害怕他们会误解她了.

pinyin: tā bú zài hài pà tā men huì wù jiě tā le.

meaning: She no longer feared that they should misunderstand her.

5. 无、否、非、勿、未、毋

These single characters means negatively in Chinese language. For example, 无可厚非 (means right and no need to be criticized), 毋庸置疑 (means undoubted), 未尝不可(means it’s ok). Although these words can be used to express negative meanings, not all characters or phrases with “无、否、非、勿、未、毋” means negatively, like 否则 (means otherwise) and 非常 (means very much). Therefore, to master these words well, you need to practice them more in the daily day.

6. 禁止、不准 (not allowed; musn’t)

e.g.: 旅客禁止携带宠物上车.

pinyin: lǚ kè jìn zhǐ xié dài chǒnɡ wù shànɡ chē.

meaning: The passengers are not allowed to aboard with pets.

Above negative Chinese characters and phrases are just a part of Chinese negatives. When I recall more, I will update into this article immediately.

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