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How Many Ways are there to Express “Good Afternoon” in Chinese?

If you want to make friends with Chinese people, learning some basic Chinese words like Chinese greetings is essential. These greetings characters include good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night, how are you, etc. Today, I will teach you how to say these Chinese basic words in Mandarin.

1. Good morning in Chinese

1). 早上好(zǎo shànɡ hǎo)

2).  早(zǎo)

2. Good afternoon in Chinese

下午好(xià wǔ hǎo)

3. Good evening in Chinese

晚上好 (wǎn shànɡ hǎo)

4. Good night in Chinese

晚安 (wǎn ān)

5. How are you in Chinese

你最近过的好吗?(nǐ zuì jìn ɡuò de hǎo mɑ?)

你最近怎么样?(nǐ zuì jìn zěn me yànɡ ?)

你最近过得怎么样?(nǐ zuì jìn ɡuò dé zěn me yànɡ ?)



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