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How to Ask Price in Mandarin Chinese?

Buying stuff is an essential skill no matter which country you are in. It will not be a problem if the merchandise marks the price. However, as for the majority of goods, you need to ask price and even the discounts. In this article, I will teach you how to ask and give prices, and ask discounts.

1. Price in Chinese Character

To express price in Chinese, you can say “价格(jià gé)”, “价值(jià zhí)” and “价钱(jià qián)”.

2.  How to Say How Much Money in Mandarin?

This part we will talk about how to ask price and discounts. Check the expression below, please:

1). Chinese: …多少钱?

pinyin: ….duō shǎo qián?

meaning: How much does…cost?

2). Chinese: …多少钱一斤?

pinyin: ….duō shǎo qián yī jīn?

meaning: how much is …one kilo?

This sentence is usually used to ask price of something needed to be weighed such as meat, fruit, vegetables, etc.

For example, 苹果多少钱一斤(how much does the apple cost)? Notice that 斤 in Chinese is equal to half kilogram.

3). Chinese: …怎么卖?

pinyin: … zěn me mài?

meaning: how much is this?

The sentence, …怎么卖, tends to be more oral. You can use it to ask price of any merchandise, no matter whether it needs to ne weighed or not.

4). Chinese: …打折吗?

pinyin: …dǎzhé ma?

meaning: Is… on discount?

5). Chinese: …有折扣吗?

pinyin: …yǒu zhé kòu ma?

meaning: does this … have any discount?

3. How to Give Prices in Mandarin Chinese?

1). Chinese: 这个五十。

pinyin: zhè gè wǔ shí.

meaning: this costs fifty RMB.

2). Chinese: …十块钱一斤。

pinyin: …shí kuài qián yī jīn。

meaning: … costs twenty yuan RMB each kilogram.

3). Chinese: …打五折.

pinyin: …dǎ wǔ zhé.

meaning: … is 50% off.

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