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How to Celebrate Christmas in China?

Christmas is a western tradition holiday which usually lies on December 25. It is annually celebrated in the United Kingdom, America, France, Spain, Italy, German, and other countries in Europe and Asia. In these countries, Christmas is a public holiday. But in other countries like China, it is not a public holiday but we still celebrate it aunually to some extent. In last article, I teach you Chinese vocabulary for Christmas. Today I will introduce you how to celebrate in China.

1. China Christmas Date

Christmas is not a nationally-celebrated holiday in China, so we do not do some special change on it such as on date. We usually celebrate it on December 25, just like other countries. So if someone asks you when is Chinese Christmas 2017, you have no need to consider whether it is in China.

2. Chinese Christmas Food

As Christmas is just a holiday celebrated among the young, there is no special food for it in China, except for the Green fruit (平安果). Green fruit refers to apple which is red. As apple, pínɡ ɡuǒ in pinyin, is similar to the sound of  pínɡ ān (safety), we usually give friends’ a Green fruite to express our blessing and safety wish on Christmas Eve.


3. How to celebrate Christmas in China

1). decorating house with Christmas trees and other ribbons. This celebration method is common in some shopping mall and schools.

2). purchase red apple. As I said before, red apple is considered as a good wish in Christmas in China, we will give it to our friends as a gift.

3). Play Christmas carol. On Christmas Day, you can hear Jingle Bells in every where in China.

4). Wear Christmas clothes. This is also not a common celebration method, and only in some malls to attract people to purchase.

5). Christmas sales. To attract more people to consume, many stores will launch sales promotion activities at that time.

6). Watch movie with friends. Holiday is always good time to watch movie, especially for lovers. So you will find that almost all cinemas are full of people.

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