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How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Language?

When we just meet a new friend, we usually say hello to him and start to introduce yourself. It is the same in China. But do you know how to introduce yourself in mandarin Chinese? Today, I will teach you beginner Chinese self introduction which you can use in daily life as well as in interview.

1. Say hello and show your kindness

Chinese: 你好,我叫Lily,很高兴认识你!

Pinyin: nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào Lily, hěn gāo xìng rèn shí nǐ !

Note: wǒ jiào is literally translated “I am called”, but it is commonly used as “my name is”.

2. Introduce where you are from

Chinese: 你好,我叫Lily, 我来自北京。

Pinyin: nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào lily, wǒ lái zì běi jīng。

This sentence means “hello, my name is Lily, I’m from Beijing”. Some Chinese beginners may say that “我从北京来wǒ cóng běi jīng lái”, which does not accord with Chinese grammar. Just pay attention to it.

3. Introduce your career

Chinese: 你好,我叫Lily, 我是(一名)老师。

Pinyin: nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào lily, wǒ shì (yī míng) lǎo shī。

我是(wǒ sh)is usually used to tell others what do you do. You title follows it. For example, 我是学生wǒ shì xué shēng,which means I am a student.

4. Introduce your hobby

Chinese: 你好,我叫Lily, 我爱唱歌。

Pinyin: nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào lily, wǒ ài chàng gē。

This sentence means that I love singing. We usually use wǒ ài to describe our hobby, which means I love.

5. Introduce your Academic situation

Chinese:  你好,我叫Lily。2014年毕业于北京大学,专业是英语。

Pinyin: nǐ hǎo , wǒ jiào lily。2014 nián bì yè yú běi jīnɡ dà xué , zhuān yè shì yīng yǔ.

This sentence means ” I graduated from Beijing University in 2014. And my major is English”.

6. Combine them and describe yourself in mandarin


nǐ hǎo ,wǒ jiào Lily。wǒ lái zì běi jīng ,xiàn zài shì yī míng lǎo shī 。wǒ 2014 nián bì yè yú xxx dà xué ,zhuān yè shì yīng yǔ 。wǒ píng shí xǐ huān chàng gē 。hěn gāo xìng rèn shí nǐ。

Hi, my name is Lily. Nice to meet you. I’m from Beijing. I’m a teacher. I graduated from xxx University in 2014, majoring in English. I love singing.

Above are all contents of self introduction in Chinese pinyin, characters and their corresponding meaning. Hope it is helpful for you.


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