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How to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home?

Hot Pot is a very famous food in China. If you live in China or once travelled in China, you will find that almost all hot pot stores are filled with customers of all ages all the year round. Sometimes you may need to queue up for one or two hours if the hot pot store is too famous, which is actually very boresome. Under this condition, it will bring you much convenience if you know how to cook Chinese hot pot, which is exactly why I write this article. I will teach you from three parts: Chinese hot pot category, hot pot ingredients and how to make Chinese hot pot at home.

1. Chinese Hot Pot Category

When we talk about Chinese hot pot, the commonest types are Chongqing hot pot and Sichuan hot pot. But except for the location, we can also differentiate Chinese hot pot on the basis of the fuel, material of the pot, and the hot pot’s taste.

1). Based on the fuel: Chinese hot pot is usually cooked with charcoal, gas, electricity, and alcohol;

2). Based on the material of the pot: Chinese hot pot can be cooked with pot made of tin, aluminum, stainless steel and enamel;

3). Based on taste of the hot pot: Differentiating hot pot on the basis of taste is the commonest. It includes spicy hotpot, Clear-oil hotpot, two-flavor hotpot, and mushroom hotpot.

2. Hot Pot Ingredients

Except for a suitable pot and hotpot seasoning that you like, you need to prepare some other recipes like vegetables and meat as well. Somebody said almost all food can be used as ingredients in hotpot. I have to admit that it’s true. As long as it can be boiled or fried, it can be added into hotpot. Here is a list I collect for you: goose intestine, duck intestine, trip, beef , tenderloin, quail eggs, baby squid, Crab, Eel, goose webs, hams, mutton kebabs, hairtail, fish, shrimp, various vegetables, duck blood, noodles, etc.

3. How to Make Chinese Hotpot by yourself

step 1. Prepare a pot and a hotpot seasoning (you can buy them from the supermarket);

step 2. Pour some edible water into the pot and boil it until it is boiling. Then add the hotpot seasoning into it. To make it tastes good, you can add some salt and meat like pork or chicken into the water.

Step 3. After boiling for about ten minutes, you can put ingredients into the pot. When it is boiling again, you can start to enjoy the delicious food.

Quite easy, right? Why not try to cook hotpot immediately and gather your friends to enjoy.


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