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How to Say Four Seasons and Describe Weather in Chinese?

In China, it’s in the Autumn now. Do you know how to say Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Chinese? And what about the weather? Let’s start the lesson today. I will teach you Chinese characters about seasons and weather.

1. How to Say Four Seasons in Chinese?

The season is an annual cycle of the landscape and they differ from each other greatly. In different regions, the classification of the season is different. As for China, a temperate region, it has four different seasons including Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Today I will teach you how to say Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Chinese.

1). Spring (from March to May of solar calendar)

Chinese: 春季                        Pinyin: chūn jì                      Meaning: Spring

2). Summer (from June to August of solar calendar)

Chinese: 夏季                        Pinyin: xià jì                          Meaning: Summer

3). Autumn (from September to November of solar calendar)

Chinese: 秋季                        Pinyin: qiū jì                         Meaning: Autumn

4). Winter (from December to February of solar calendar)

Chinese: 冬季                        Pinyin: dōng jì                        Meaning: Winter

2. Chinese Characters about Weather

Every day, we will encounter different weather like rainy, sunny, windy, snowy, and stormy, etc. But do you know how to say weather in Chinese language? Here I will show you.


Chinese Pinyin Meaning Audio
天气 tiān qì weather
气候 qì hòu climate
台风 tái fēng typhoon
龙卷风 lóng juàn fēng whirlwind
刮风的 guā fēng de windy
沙尘暴  shā chén bào sandstorm
晴朗的 qíng lǎng de sunny
下雨的  xià yǔ de rainy
多云的 duō yún de cloudy
毛毛雨 máo máo yǔ drizzle
雷阵雨 léi zhèn yǔ thundershower
暴风雨 bào fēng yǔ rainstorm
léi thunder
闪电 shǎn diàn lightning
大雪 dà xuě heavy snow
小雪 xiǎo xuě light snow
雨夹雪 yǔ jiá xuě sleet
暴风雪 bào fēng xuě snowstorm
冰雹 bīng báo hail

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