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How to Watch Chinese Movies Outside China?

For those who are learning Chinese language and Chinese culture, watching Chinese videos such as movies and dramas is a very good option. If you are in China, that’s very easy. You can use some popular apps and websites to watch Chinese movies like iQiYi, Youku, Toudou, Tencent Video, etc. But what if you are out of China? What method can you use to watch what you like? Today I will teach you three ways to watch Chinese movies outside China.

Way 1. Use Youtube
As we know, Youtube is the most popular video platform around the world. You can find lots of dramas and movies on it. You just need to type the name of the video in the Search Box. But sometimes, you can only find some short videos of the movies.

Way 2. Use VPN
If you want to use some Chinese video platform such as Iqiyi, Youku, Tudou to watch Chinese movies, you need to unblock them. Under this situation, you need to use VPN just like we Chinese to unblock facebook, google, twitter in China. Here I won’t introduce what VPN you could use as it’s very easy to find one on the Internet. It depends on yourself.

Way 3. Use Chinese movie apps specially developed for foreigners
Actually, since more and more people outside China are interested in Chinese movies and dramas, many Chinese corporations start to develop the Chinese video app for those who are interested in c-dramas but outside of China. Here I recommend KOOCAN app. KOOCAN is an app specialized in providing abundant Chinese movies, dramas and variety shows for c-drama lovers from Malaysia, America, British, Australia and all countries from the world (exclusive of China mainland, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan). It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. All of their media resources are legal authorized and most with English subtitles. And all videos can be download so that you can watch them anywhere and anytime. Now, to promote the app, they are giving away 30-days VIP membership redeem code, which means you can watch all of their video resources free.
Redeem code: 2514906148972721
Activate link: http://www.koocan.com/signup 
You just need to copy the code and click the link to activate the code. By the way, you need to type your telephone number or email account to activate the code. But don’t worry, the number you entered is just for distribute the VIP membership to your account.

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