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Office Supplies in Mandarin – Business Chinese Vocabulary

If you work in a Chinese company, or you have some Chinese workmates, it would be more convenient for you knowing how to say office supplies in mandarin language. After all, not all Chinese can speak English. In this article, I will teach you some common office supplies vocabulary and pinyin in Chinese language.

1. 电脑

Chinese: 电脑

Pinyin: diàn nǎo

Meaning: computer

2. 键盘

Chinese: 键盘

Pinyin: jiàn pán

Meaning: keyboard

3. 鼠标

Chinese: 鼠标

Pinyin: shǔ biāo

Meaning: mouse

4. U盘

Chinese: U盘

Pinyin: U pán

Meaning: usb driver

5. 录音笔

Chinese: 录音笔

Pinyin: lù yīn bǐ

Meaning: recorder

6. 钢笔

Chinese: 钢笔

Pinyin: gāng bǐ

Meaning: pen

7. 移动硬盘

Chinese: 移动硬盘

Pinyin: yí dòng yìng pán

Meaning: hard disk driver

8. 文件夹

Chinese: 文件夹

Pinyin: wén jiàn jiá

Meaning: folder

9. 订书机

Chinese: 订书机

Pinyin: dìng shū jī

Meaning: stapler

10. 档案袋

Chinese: 档案袋

Pinyin: dàng àn dài

Meaning: portfolio

11. 名片

Chinese: 名片

Pinyin: míng piàn

Meaning: business card

12. 文件柜

Chinese: 文件柜

Pinyin: wén jiàn guì

Meaning: filing cabinet

13. 胶水

Chinese: 胶水

Pinyin: jiāo shuǐ

Meaning: glue

14. 计算器

Chinese: 计算器

Pinyin: jì suàn qì

Meaning: calculator

15. 笔记本

Chinese: 笔记本

Pinyin: bǐ jì běn

Meaning: notebook

16. 橡皮擦

Chinese: 橡皮擦

Pinyin: xiàng pí cā

Meaning: eraser

17. 圆珠笔

Chinese: 圆珠笔

Pinyin: yuán zhū bǐ

Meaning: ball pen

18. 便利贴

Chinese: 便利贴

Pinyin: biàn lì tiē

Meaning:  sticky note

19. 打印机

Chinese: 打印机

Pinyin: dǎ yìn jī

Meaning: printer

20. 网线

Chinese: 网线

Pinyin: wǎng xiàn

Meaning: network line cable

21. 投影仪

Chinese: 投影仪

Pinyin: tóu yǐng yí

Meaning: projector

22. 复印机

Chinese: 复印机

Pinyin: fù yìn jī

Meaning: duplicator

23. 路由器

Chinese: 路由器

Pinyin: lù yóu qì

Meaning: router

24. 工牌

Chinese: 工牌

Pinyin: gōng pái

Meaning: badge

25. 插座

Chinese: 插座

Pinyin: chā zuò

Meaning: plug base

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