Chinese Characters

School Subjects in Chinese Language

Learn the Mandarin names of common school subjects with this vocabulary list. 

1. Chinese

English: Chinese

Chinese: 语文(yǔ wén)

2. Mathematics

English: Mathematics

Chinese: 数学(shù xué)

3. English

English: English

Chinese: 英语(yīnɡ yǔ)

4. Physics

English: Physics

Chinese: 物理(wù lǐ)

5. Chemistry

English: Chemistry

Chinese: 化学(huà xué)

6. Biology

English: Biology

Chinese: 生物(shēnɡ wù)

7. Gym

English: Gym

Chinese: 体育(tǐ yù)

8. Geography

English: Geography

Chinese: 地理(dì lǐ)

9. History

English: History

Chinese: 历史(lì shǐ)

10. Music

English: Music

Chinese: 音乐(yīn yuè)

11. Psychology

English: Psychology

Chinese: 心理学(xīn lǐ xué)

12. Economics

English: Economics

Chinese: 经济学(jīnɡ jì xué)

13. Computer Science

English: Computer Science

Chinese: 计算机科学(jì suàn jī kē xué)

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