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Shenzhen Travel Guide: Introduction, Attraction, Transportation and Other Tips

Shenzhen, as one of China first-tier cities, is located in the south of Guangdong Province and close to Hong Kong. Originally, it is just a small fishing village where people live their life on fishing industry. In 1979, with the issue of  Chinese Economic Reform and Open Up policy, Shenzhen was seletect as one of the ecnomic special area of China. And since then Shenzhen get a great development in economy, transportation, population, and other industries. Tons of visitors around the world come to Shenzhen for travel, study, business and even residence in each year. Today, we will talk about travel guide in Shenzhen including Shenzhen tourist attractions, transportation, weather, language, hotel and others.

1. Shenzhen Weather

Shenzhen is a typical city with subtropical monsoon climate. The temperature of this city is usually over 10 degrees. Therefore, except for Summer, it is a good choice to travel here no matter in Spring, Autumn or Winter.

2. Shenzhen Attractions

Although the historical culture of Shenzhen is not as deep as Beijing, the government still created and constructed lots of landscapes and parks worthy of seeing around. The top ten Shenzhen sightseeings include Windows of The World, Happy Valley, Da Mei Sha Park, East Gate, Xi Chong, Mangrove Park, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, Splendid China, and OCT East.

(Windows of the World)

(Happy Valley Shenzhen)

(Da Mei Sha Park)

(East Gate: Best Choice for Shenzhen Shopping)

(Xi Chong)

(Mangrove Park)

(Fairy Lake Botanical Garden)

(Splendid China)

(OCT East)

3. Shenzhen Transportation

For the moment, the international Shenzhen airlines are up to 26 and you can between Shenzhen and Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Dubai. As for other cities, you can reach HongKong by plane and then transfer from HongKong to Shenzhen. The transportion in Shenzhen city is very convenient, you can go t enywhere by the subway, bus, taxi and even shared bicycle.

4. Shenzhen Language

Almost 90% people in Shenzhen are not natives. They are from other cities of China, and even other countries. So it is enough for you to communicate with them if you can speak a little Mandarin Chinese or English.

Last tips: Do not come to Shenzhen or other tourism cities in China during Chinese public holidays, because you will see what a huge crowds of people really mean and you will find hotel in Shenzhen China is so scarce, which will definitely ruin your good mood.

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