Chinese Characters

Taste Expression in Mandarin Chinese

In our daily life, when we eat something, we will use some taste expression to describe the food such as spicy, sweet, sour. In this article, I will tell you how to describe these flavors in Mandarin Chinese.

1. 咸的

咸的,means salty. For example, this dish is too much salty.

2. 酸的

酸的,means sour. For example, the lemon tastes sour.

3. 甜的

甜的,means sweet. It is usually used to describe some food like sugar and cake.

4. 辣的

辣的,means spicy. For example, the dishes in Si Chuan are usually spicy.

5. 苦的

苦的,means tastes bitter, such as bitter lemon and bitter drink.

6. 麻的

麻的,means tasting numbing spicy. When we eat Si Chuan food, like Huo Guo, we will taste this flavor.


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