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Top 4 Questions about Chinese HSK Test

If you start to learn Chinese, you will find that HSK test is a common topic in some forums, facebook groups and other communities. But what is HSK Chinese? What does the HSK stands for? How many levels of HSK test are there? Should you take HSK exam? There are to many questions counfing you, right? Never mind, here I will tackle these questions one by one for you. Just read on carefully.

1. What is HSK Chinese?

HSK is the abbreviation of Chinese pinyin Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi which means the Chinese Proficiency Test. It is an international standardized exam which tests and rates Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers in terms of  in daily life, academic area and professional careers.

2. How many Levels of HSK are there?

The HSK is comprised of two parts: written test and oral test. The written test is divided into six levels, while the oral test consists of HSK(Elementary), HSK (Intermediate) and HSK (Advanced).

  • HSK level 1: It requires you to master at least 150 common characters, understand amd use some simple sentences fluently.
  • HSK level 2: 300 common characters are required. This level mainly tests you Chinese language ability in daily life. You should know how to communicate with others with daily sentences, like how to say hello, how to say you’re welcome, how to ask for someone’s personal information, etc.
  • HSK level 3: 600 Chinese characters are required. You need to be able to communicate with Chinese in daily, academic and professional lives by yourself, at least for the basic topics.
  • HSK level 4: 1200 Chinese characters are required. Communicating with native Chinese in terms of wider topics is demanded.
  • HSK level 5: 2500 Chinese characters are required. To pass this level of HSK exam, you need to be able to read Chinese magazines, watch Chinese movies and even give a speech in Chinese.
  • HSK level 6: the number of Chinese characters that you master is required to reach more than 5000. At this level, you already can be called a native Chinese.

3. Should I take HSK Test?

HSK is a test which rates your ability and proficiency in Chinese. It is a certification for non-native Chinese which prove that you can communicate with Chinese fluently by yourself, which will give you more  if you want to live or work in China. And it gradually becomes a passport to study in China and apply for scholarship.

4. How can I attend the HSK test?

You can visit the official website of Chinese Test to learn more details about HSK date, HSK introduction and registration entrance.


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