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Top 7 Ways to Find a Job in China

Many foreign friends complain to me that they want to find a job in China but have no idea how to find a job in china. Today I will introduce you 7 ways that Chinese usually use for job-searching.

1. 智联招聘 – http://www.zhaopin.com/

智联招聘(also named Zhaopin), was founded in 1997. It provides service for employees and employers via website and app. By January 2011, the average daily views of Zhaopin reached 68 million, and the average number of online jobs was more than 2.55 million. Its database has nearly 38 million resumes, with more than 30000 new resumes creased every day.


2. 猎聘网 – https://www.liepin.com/

猎聘网 (also named liepin) was established in 2011. It is the only platform in China that enables the companies, headhunting and Professional Manager interact. By June 2015, the number of registers in liepin exceeds 270million and it serves for more than 500 thousands of enterprises. For the moment, liepin is the most popular platform for high-potential talents searching a job in China. By the way, it also provides wensite and app.


3. 中国人才热线 – http://www.cjol.com/


中国人才热线(also named CJOL) is the earliest professional recruitment website established in China. It has been developed as one of the most outstanding integrated recruitment platforms. From 2002, it  achieved cooperation with Asia Pacific chief recruitment platform, JobsDB. Its recruitment service, with the help of JobsDB, has covered China mainland, Hongkong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, etc.


4. 前程无忧 – http://www.51job.com

前程无忧(Nasdaq: JOBS) is the first professional human resources service organization with a variety of media resources. It integrates the traditional media, network media with advanced information technology. It provides service for recruitment, training and evaluation of personnel outsourcing, now 25 agencies around China. In September 2004, qianchengwuyou became the first Chinese human resources services company listed on NASDAQ in the United States.


5. 拉勾网 – http://www.lagou.com/

Compared with other human resources services platform, 拉勾网(lagou) is a new established company. It servives in this cruel industry by providing the effecient response to the job seekers. It is said that the fastest history of response is within one minutes. And no matter how many companies you have delivered your resume to, you will get 100% response. It can use its official website as well as its app to find a job.


6. 领英 – https://www.linkedin.com

领英(LinkedIn), as a global professional social networking site, has exceeded 500 million global membership . Except for getting business insight and expanding career connections, you can also find more career opportunities.



7. 人才市场

Another typical job-seeking and recruitment way in China is Talent Resources Market. It is usually open to the public in the Spring and the Fall. There are many companies participating and you can contact with them face to face. But this market is usually available in some big cities. So If you want to find a job with less limitation, I suggest you using the six ways I introduced before.

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