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Types of Mustache | How to Say Mustache in Chinese

Moustache is a facial hair grown on the upper lip or the lower jaw. According to the styles, it can be divided into various types such as Mexican moustache, handlebar style mustache, etc. In Chinese, we also call them different names according to the moustache styles. In this post, I will teach you how to say Chinese beard.

1. 胡子/胡须

胡子(hú zǐ)and 胡须(hú xū)are two general sayings in Chinese and can be used to refer to various mustache and beards.

2. 八字胡(handlebar)

八字胡(bā zì hú)is named according to its style like Chinese character “八”. It is grown on the upper lip, and it can be named 八字须(bā zì xū)and 两撇胡(liǎng piě hú)as well. In Chinese culture like Chinese drama and movies, we can see most of bad guys grow with handlebar. Therefore, we can see fewer men choose this kind moustache in our daily life.

3. 山羊胡(goatee)

山羊胡(shān yáng hú)is a kind of moustache grown on the lower jaw and it is short and pointed.

4. 络腮胡(luò sāi hú)

络腮胡(luò sāi hú), whiskers in English, is a type kind of beard grown on the man’s face, upper lip and the lower jaw.

These three kinds of Chinese beard are commonest in China. As for other mustaches like Hollywoodian, Mutton chops, French Fork, etc are not common in China, we do not explain how to say these moustache here.

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