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Welfare Benefits for Employees – Chinese Vocabulary

When you are finding a job in China, you have to attend the audition, which allows you to know more about the company as well as the company knowing more about you. During the interview, the topic about the welfare benefits provided by the employer is unavoidable.

Today, I will teach you some common words or phrases that we usually use to describe the welfare benefits of a job.

1. 福利待遇

Chinese: 福利待遇

Pinyin: fú lì dài yù

Meaning: welfare benifits

福利待遇 means welfare benifits. It includes salary, allowance, and other things that benefit the employee.

2. 八小时工作制

Chinese: 八小时工作制

Pinyin: bā xiǎo shí gōng zuò zhì

Meaning: eight-hour day (working system)

This phrase means how long we work each day. Generally speaking, we work for eight or seven and half hours per day.

3. 轮班

Chinese: 轮班

Pinyin: lún bān

Meaning: shift

4. 工作坏境

Chinese: 工作坏境

Pinyin: gōng zuò huài jìng

Meaning: work condition

5. 差旅费

Chinese: 差旅费

Pinyin: chà lǚ fèi

Meaning: Travel expenses

If your job requires you to travel a lot, you need to ask clearly about the travel expenses, which matters your benefits closely.

6. 遣散费

Chinese: 遣散费

Pinyin: qiǎn sàn fèi

Meaning: Severance pay

7. 解雇费

Chinese: 解雇费

Pinyin: jiě gù fèi

Meaning: Severance pay

8. 病假

Chinese: 病假

Pinyin: bìng jià

Meaning: sick leave

9. 养老保险

Chinese: 养老保险

Pinyin: yǎng lǎo bǎo xiǎn

Meaning: endowment insurance

10. 医疗保险

Chinese: 医疗保险

Pinyin: yī liáo bǎo xiǎn

Meaning: Medical insurance

11. 失业保险

Chinese: 失业保险

Pinyin: shī yè bǎo xiǎn

Meaning: unemployment insurance

12. 工伤保险

Chinese: 工伤保险

Pinyin: gōng shāng bǎo xiǎn

Meaning: employment injury insurance

13. 生育保险

Chinese: 生育保险

Pinyin: shēng yù bǎo xiǎn

Meaning: maternity insurance

14. 住房公积金

Chinese: 住房公积金

Pinyin: zhù fáng gōng jī jīn

Meaning: Housing Provident Fund

15. 五险一金

Chinese: 五险一金

Pinyin: wǔ xiǎn yī jīn

Meaning: 五险一金 includes endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and Housing Provident Fund.

16. 带薪休假

Chinese: 带薪休假

Pinyin: dài xīn xiū jià

Meaning: vacation with pay. In China, there are some legal holidays in every year like Mid-autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, etc. During these holidays, the employers still need to pay us.

17. 年假

Chinese: 年假

Pinyin: nián jià

Meaning: annual leave

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