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What does 666 Mean in Chinese?

In China, there are many Chinese Internet slang like number combinations used as an abbreviation such as 666, 88 and 2333. Today I will introduce you 666. 666, in web terms, means 牛牛牛 or 溜溜溜 in Chinese. It is usually used to describe someone or something excellent or amazing.

1. Origin of 666

Actually, 666 has been generated for a long time (the specific time is not clear). And it became popular and was used widely in a game named LOL (League of Legends). For example, if someone plays quite good in a game, you can say 666 to him.

2. Other Common Abbreviations in China

Except for 666, there are also some other abbreviations that we use often in daily life or games.

1). 88: it means bye bye.

2). 5555: as the pronunciation of 5 is similar to the sound of crying, we usually use 555, 5555, 55555 to describe our sadness.

3). 520: it means “I love you”.

4). 5201314: it means “I love you for a whole life”.

5). 1314: it means “one’s whole life”.

6). 888: it can be used as a blessing, which shows your good wish of wealth.

7). 2333: this number combination is originated from a forum (www.mop.com). The No. 233 emoji from the MP forum is a picture of laughing, so many users like to add a “2333” when they post in the forum. Now  “2333” is a popular web term used to express laughter.

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