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What does “got it” mean in Chinese?

Last night, one of my foreign friend complained me that he was rather confused of “got it” in Chinese. In this article, I will explain to you the common Chinese meanings of “get it”.

Context 1:

James: Do you know what I mean?

Lily: got it!

Under this condition, “get it” means “明白(mínɡ bɑi)”.


Context 2:

James: If you want to learn Chinese well, you need to practize it more. Got it?

Here “get it” means “你明白了吗? (nǐ mínɡ bɑi le mɑ?)”.


Context 3: 

James: If something is broken, we have to get it fixed.

Here “get it” means “把…(bǎ…)”.


Context 4: 

James: Last week I sent you an parcel. Did you get it?

Lily: Yes I got it.

In this situation, “get it” means “收到(shōu dào)”.

Above are the meanings “get it” that we used commonest. If you have more questions about Chinese language, you can leave message here or contact me via my facebook page.

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