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Where Can I Find Chinese Language Partners to Chat with to Improve my Chinese Skills?

As other languages, Chinese can be divided into Chinese speaking, Chinese writing and reading as well. To learn Chinese language well, you need to sharpen your skills at all of these aspects. Today, I will tell you some ways to find language partners to chat with to improve your Chinese skills.

1. Add Friends via Wechat Group

As more and more foreigners incline to learning Chinese language, many native Chinese and educational organization start to use Wechat group to attract foreigners to boost their business as Wechat is one of the most popular social platform. These Wechat group can be found on the Chinese teaching websites or by others’ invitation.

2. Add Friends with Wechat SHAKEFeature

If you are in China, you can make friends by using the Shake feature of wechat. Follow the steps below:

1). Launch your wechat, and go to “Discover”, find “Shake” and tap it.

2). When you get into Shake interface, shake your phone.

3). Then people who are around you and enable Shake feature will be listed. Choose those you are interested and add them as friends.

3. Join Language Exchange Group on Facebook

I’am sure this is the commonest way in which you guys use. Use key words like “Chinese language learning” , “Chinese english exchange”, etc to find appropriate groups. And post that you are finding a Chinese learning partner and offer what you can do as exchange. When someone is interested in your offer, they will contact you.

Except for free ways to find Chinese language learning partner above, you can also find one-for-one partner or tutor in Chinese training organization. They usually charge. You can choose one way according to your own situation.


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